Releasing Templar

Quick Code Generation from Simple Templates. Templar is all about getting over the ceremony that most code generation/template packages make you suffer through and just getting down to business. Create a template, generate some code, copy paste and go. Save it for later.

I’ve been working on Templar a bit here and there over the past couple months, and the time has come to let it out. I put an early prototype together a couple months back, but a new UI and approach was inspired by some stuff I saw the code52 guys working on. I’ve been sitting on more or less what I wanted to release as a first pass for a few weeks now and finally got down to putting some documentation together.

It’s still a bit raw in UI, missing features and a few bugs here and there, but the basic concepts are solid for now. If you’re interested, check out the help page for more info and the download link. Give me a shout with any critiques.