Time Sheets in Target Process

We use TargetProcess at work to organize and run most of our projects. For the most part it does a nice job, though there are some quirks here and there. Mostly minor, but I kept getting greatly annoyed with the assignable layout in the TimeSheet view. I use this quite a bit to review and transfer time for billing purposes in lieu of a more automated approach. To this day I’m not sure how it comes up with the order of entries. It’s sort of by project… but not really.

I wanted at a way to quickly see what items went with what a common project, so I put together a little userscript to highlight them as such. The image to the left is the general result. See the nice red item in the middle of all the tan ones? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about… Oh, TP.

Grab the script over on github if you’re the other person interested in this and fiddle away. Highlighting doesn’t automatically refresh when you perform an operation like moving from week to week, so there’s a refresh link up by settings to manually reset it.

By the way, Tampermonkey is a great script manager for chrome, and I used it with great joy to test and edit this thing.